Watch over your life – do not let your lamps be extinguished, nor your waist be ungirded. But be ready, for you do not know when our Lord is coming.”​​​
The Didache

Mar 2024

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The month of March brings us to the Great Fast, and the above words from the teachings of the Apostles are offered for your consideration. Every day of our life and especially during the Great Fast, we must be cognizant of our spiritual condition. We are offered this opportunity by the Church yet there can be no benefit unless we are willing to make the necessary adjustments.

The vigilance necessary during this time of the liturgical calendar requires us to be ever ready to see that we remain steadfast in our faith. The Apostles refer to this as “watching over our life, not letting our lamps be extinguished nor our waist ungirded.” These are the times when we are most susceptible to the torments of the enemy and must remain all the more vigilant.

As we begin the Great Fast let us all strive to make the above words relevant in our life. When faced with the struggles of the Fast, let our lamp burn strong. Only then can this time be rewarding and beneficial for each of us.

May our Lord strengthen and guide us as we begin our journey to Pascha.

In His Service,

+Fr. Mario