Jul 2024

Only a few days ago, we celebrated together the Feast of Pentecost marking the beginning of the priesthood of grace. After receiving the Holy Spirit, the Apostles went out preaching the Good News. Later this month we will celebrate the memory of these Apostles and remember the work they willingly chose to pursue making the Gospel available to all peoples.

Today, the responsibility of continuing this work of the Apostles has fallen to each of us both individually and collectively. This awesome responsibility is one that each of us has the opportunity to willingly accept as individuals. Our collective focus then must be one of working together, honoring the memory of the Apostles, to continue their work.

On the second Sunday of this month, the Church commemorates the Holy Fathers who came together at the Fourth Ecumenical Council. On October 8 in the year 450 AD, 520 Fathers gathered for the benefit and guidance of the Church to affirm the two natures of Christ. Through their gathering, the Church spoke with one unified voice keeping the Faith handed them by our Lord thus continuing the work of His apostles.

Among other things, these gatherings confirmed Christ was consubstantial with the Father, the Divinity of the Holy Spirit and the Divine and human nature of Christ after the Incarnation. The issues resolved were serious and threatened the unified teaching of the Church. The teaching our Lord charged His Apostles to spread throughout the world. The teaching that these Holy Fathers held close to their heart and went to great lengths to protect. The teaching that we also are charged to make an integral part of our life and share freely.

As we continue on our path, let us keep in mind the unity of the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers. In their example, let us strive with one mind and purpose, to accomplish great things for His Glory. May the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers intercede for us and guide us.

In His Service,

+Fr. Mario